AHA Gel Cleansing


AHA Cleansing Gel is specially formulated for Acne-prone skin type with oily skin condition. Having an oily skin will cause more acne or clog on our hair follicles. With the help of Green Tea extract, It keeps the skin smooth and free from greasy texture and to prevent an inflammatory on skin. Using carefully blend with natural plants extract, it manage the oil sebum production and exfoliate the skin gently to have clear pores.

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Skin type:

Oily Skin


Use 1 or 2 Pump on clean palm and latter on face and neck area. (Please note that all cleasner will not have much foam) Use once or twice a day for cleansing purpose.

Main ingredients:

Deionized water,Aloe Vera Extract, Japanese Green Tea,Glycolic Acid


Oil Control cleanser, clear clog pores and exfoliate skin surface at the same time.

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