About Us

Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals 

SOYO™ carries a range of cosmeceutical treatment products that are specially formulated for all skin types with result focused!

We uses carefully selected raw materials with unique blend of natural plant extracts and technology to provide a safe and effective products for all skin.

                                                                           Since 2005
                                                                               Since 2016


SOYO® , Skin Of Youth Optimal.  A made in Singapore brand since year 2005 creates quality skin care treatment products that are safe and giving the best results. We have more than 30 beauty salons all over Singapore and an online platform that convenient customer to make enquiries and purchase.

Our sales team are well- trained beauty therapist that have many years of experience in understanding about skin condition and type of skin problem that most people face. Examples; acne, dull skin condition, dry skin condition, stress skin condition etc. We have been working closely with our working partners of beauticians and aesthetic doctors in Singapore and overseas. Exchanging knowledge about skin and treatment needed for our skin that is safe and natural, our chemist and pharmacists research on the best ingredients that works well with all skin conditions.